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4 Examples of Using 3D Configurators in Online Sales

4 Examples of Using 3D Configurators in Online Sales

In the sale of custom products, digital tools for real-time visualization and pricing are commonly utilized. These tools enable users to create products in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for them to design products that match their preferences. With these tools, customers can choose color, size, material, and various other features to craft a product that meets their expectations.

Product configurators can play a crucial role in a company's marketing and sales strategy, aiding in the creation of customized products, increasing customer engagement, and enhancing competitiveness in the market. Below, we present four examples of 3D configurator web applications that we have implemented for various industries and purposes.

  1. Energy Storage - Configurator as a Key Sales Tool

HR Bank, by Tukas EV, was created with the aim of satisfying people's personal needs for energy independence. HR Bank is a mobile device for generating and storing energy with numerous surprising features. It starts with physical activity on a stationary bicycle, providing entertainment or supporting work. The product is entirely composed of components that users select independently from available options such as materials, colors, or battery capacity. Sales built on customer's individual choices require a tool that enables users to make purchases after experimenting with different product variations, all while providing dynamic 3D visualization. The purchasing process is enhanced by the option to display a personalized product in augmented reality (AR).

The HR Bank configurator automates the sale of custom products and allows for easy addition or removal of materials and colors based on availability and popularity. The configurator is integrated with a store built on PrestaShop. To facilitate sales management through the configurator, solutions have been implemented that enable the Tukas team to change material colors, tab names, tooltips, and set the initial configuration through the PrestaShop panel.

  1. Printing - Visualizing Custom Prints on B2B Packaging

Lprint is a modern printing company that provides packaging with custom prints in both large and small quantities. Their clientele includes small artisan businesses. To meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, the company decided to implement an online configurator designed to streamline the process of selecting and ordering packaging.

Users of the Lprint configurator have the ability to choose the type, size, material, and finish of their packaging. Importantly, they can also upload and preview packaging with their own graphics applied. The configurator is seamlessly integrated with Lprint's store, which is built on WooCommerce, and it utilizes the Enfocus tool to verify the correctness of uploaded graphic design projects for printing.

  1. Furniture Industry - 3D Configurator as a Convenient Tool for Custom Furniture Sales

Exclusive Spaces is a team of designers specializing in creating furniture and decorations. The brand offers products that cater to the needs, style, and creative expression of their customers. Thanks to an extensive material database, Exclusive Spaces' products are available in thousands of variations.

To make the most of this advantage, the AR-range team has developed a highly versatile 3D configurator. This tool, integrated with their Shopify-based online store, allows users to configure furniture in all available options and dynamically displays prices, along with the option to add items to the shopping cart.

The configurator provides a 360-degree view of the product, enabling customers to examine it from every angle. Its high-quality visualization ensures a realistic representation of an extensive material library, including fabrics, wood, rattan, and metals. Customers have the freedom to select size, components, change materials, colors, and more.

This pop-up tool is so versatile that it can be easily implemented for additional products without the need for significant time and resources.

  1. Furniture Industry - Enhancing Sales of Modular Bathroom Furniture for a Network of Showrooms and an Online Store.

BLU, a network of showrooms, is a market leader in the bathroom equipment industry in Poland. They operate 64 showrooms and an online store using the PrestaShop platform. A challenge in their sales process was the inability to visualize products in different variations in real-time. In physical showrooms, customers could only see sample configurations of modular furniture, which extended the sales process and deterred customers. The BLU brand needed a simple digital tool to enable the configuration of bathroom sets with 3D product visualization.

In response to this need, a 3D modular configurator was developed, transforming an array of individual elements with hundreds of combinations into a unified product. This tool automated online sales and expedited the work of showroom sales representatives.

The configurator seamlessly guides users through the process of creating a bathroom set, starting with the selection of the countertop type, its width, sink, cabinet height, and allowing for any custom arrangement of modular cabinets, colors, and handles. The tool displays the prices of individual elements as well as the total cost of the complete set, along with a separate order summary. The final step involves adding the configured set to the shopping cart.

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