Sell customised products easily
with 3d configurators & augmented reality

  • Easy 3d configurators
  • Analytics
  • Automated AR on your website
  • Automated content creation

80% of your clients expect personalisation possibility.

How does your process of personalisation looks like?

It takes up to 8 hours to sell a personalised product.

Save time and money by giving your clients the right tools like product configurator and augmented reality.

Sell more, save time
with the product configurator

In AR-Range we believe that the key for up-selling in furniture business is a modern visualization and personalization of products on your website. You chose model, material, texture, colour, you can see the proportions, the scale and check how the element looks in your spaces. Just click and buy. Simple as that.

product personalisation widget

Product personalisation for every platform

AR-RANGE gives you high-end photorealistic 3D or 2D configurators and augmented reality focusing on your customer experience and streamlining of the sales process. We keep traffic within your sales process on your website. Without unnecessary technology or external apps.

Thanks to interactive, grahipcal configurators, it will take your less
time to find the perfect match between the product line, finish and
other options.

Product configurator with Augmented Reality

Make your product stand out

Tackle your clients’ fears and objections. Let them experience your furniture in the comfort of their home, without buying (yet)!

Cut your sales costs

Thanks to interactive photorealistic configurators, it will take less of clients’ and your time to find the perfect product option and make a buying decision.

Be in control

Let the sales process of your personalized furniture be finally predictable. No more endless calls and emails about each single order. Give your time to those who need it the most.


I have now worked with Ar-range for over a year
on an ongoing 3D/AR Megaproject and they are
the best part of working on the complex project.
I 100000000% endorse Ar-range and their staff.

Jason Ross

Jason Ross, Paradise Grills