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More than 70%* of online shoppers prefer stores that offer AR

Do you know what stops your clients
from making a buying decision?

Arrange: AR publishing platform

Arrange is a browser-based augmented reality publishing platform. It does not interfere with your store in any way. Except for improving your clients’ experience! No matter which e-commerce solution you are using, Arrange integrates smoothly and flawlessly as a widget. It rolls out into a catalog of your furniture pieces. Your clients can not only see them but also experience in the comfort of their own homes. No apps or browser extensions needed, it's just the web. The only thing you need is an iPhone with Safari. 

*Yeah, not all people are fond of iPhones. That's why Chrome support is coming soon!

Show products in the comfort of your clients' homes.

Augmented reality allows customers to see how a dream sofa, table or commode will look in their living room or bedroom. Using augmented reality allows for faster purchasing decisions. According to the Interactions Consumer Experience Marketing research, 40% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product, having the opportunity to test it with the help of augmented reality.

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Stand out of the crowd, increase your recognizability.

Your furniture is unique, made of the finest materials and with the utmost attention to detail? Do you offer a solid product at an attractive price? Just like your industry competitors. Did you know that 61%** of online buyers prefer AR online stores? Show your products at client's home, stand out from the competition.

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Simple AR interaction on your website!

Provide us with your product designs, get a simple code to paste on the website and you're done. One-time payment for implementation and a fixed cost of a monthly subscription. Ar-range - a tool for publishing AR without interfering with the code of your website and without the need to download an application by your clients.

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How does AR increase your sales?

Thanks to AR clients gain confidence regarding how your furniture will look like in their space.
You make their decisions easier by eliminating concerns like:

“Cool furniture but won’t it be too big in my living room?”

Dimensions are one, and visual effect - the other. Even if I carefully measure the room, how can I be sure that a piece of furniture won't dominate the space?

"Will such a bright color match my arrangement?"

Distinguished in color, a piece of furniture can be a great touch. Maybe, but it does not have to. How can I be sure that I'll make the right decision?

"How will it go along with my current furniture?"

Let's assume that I am looking for a cool Art Nouveau piece of furniture that will complement my modern arrangement. I think I found one, but how can I be sure that this is it?

Present 3d models on your website!

Some of your users don't need AR, they just want t o take a look how exactly your product looks like from every angle. That's why as our customer you're able to simply paste the 3d models on your website and view them on any device. No more expensive 360 renders needed - it’s already included in your plan!

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Most of your clients don’t know how it’s going to look. Smartphones do.

AR doesn’t have to mean expensive, complicated apps. It doesn’t require professional equipment. All the technology you need is in your clients’ smartphone. Take advantage of it! Send us your product designs, paste the Arrange code snippet on your website and boost sales!

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Quick question before we start:
How many customers buy your products online by only seeing photos?
Excelent! Make use of AR and make most of your online store! That means that on averave every second client sees your products before buying. Make use of AR and show them to all clients. OK - It’s time we put AR to use and speed up decisions made by your clients.
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What happens now?

1. We’ll jump on a 15-min telephone or skype conference.
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