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Let your clients experience your products in Augmented Reality (AR)

Increase your conversion by letting your customers to see your products in their interiors, apartments or offices. Before purchase!

Show you products in augmented reality!

How are your clients able to make a responsible buying decision basing only on your photoshoot?

Objection 1

"Looks great, but isn't it too big for my flat? Will it not dominate the entire space?"

Objection 2

“How is it going to work in my home? Would the colour and the style match what I already have?”

Objection 3

...and last but not least: “Will it fit through my front door?!”

Boost your profitability

Augmented Reality means that your custmoers can actually experience your products, rather then just
seeing them. And what are the benefits for your brand?

Boost your converstion rate

Using AR and other immersive tools you can increase your conversion by up to 80%! and shorten the purchase path by giving clients less room for hesitation, questions and doubts.

Triple time on website

Allowing users to play around with your products in AR, you give yourself +200% increase of average time spent on your website!

Less product returns

When clients buy adter seeing a product, rather than picture, there is less risk. The customer is more reassures that he is making the right decision when buying a product. Both for you and your customer. This converts to average 20% of less product returns!

No apps.
Just easy placement on your website.

AR-Range will put Augumented Reality with your products directly on your website. No apps needed, we prefer to stand out within the sales process and boost the traffic on your website rather than diverting it into separate channels.

It takes only few minutes to place the AR widget on your website. Once it’s there, your clients will be able to preview youe products in AR, in one click and start all the pleasure that customers get from experiencing the product.

AR configurator

Let clients make sure
that it fits their space!

Let your clients experience the product in the comfort of their home, using just phone or tablet. See how the furniture fits their appartment Check how it fits together with the rest of the environment – including dimensions, scale, colour and arrangement. They can place, move and rotate the product anywhere in their home.

As soon as they love what they see, it’s jsut one click away from buying.

Artworks in AR!

Are you an online art retailer? Would you like to eliminate customer doubts before buying art online?

Let them see how the painting or artwork will look on their walls and fit into their interior before they buy.

Users will see the picture in AR in actual dimensions, with good lighting, and in the selected frame option. They will be able to preview any piece directly from your e-commerce or website, without having to download any external app. All that's needed is a phone or a tablet and iPhone users can automatically go to the purchase from the AR view. Simple and neat!

You can test the AR-range solution for free

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AR-range's support was instrumental in improving UX for our wooden toys brand Good Wood! Their profesionalism and customer centric approach is recognizable in each interaction we have had So far! Whole AR-range team is supportive and easy to work with! Strong positive outcomes only!

Michał Godziszko

Michał Godziszko, CEO at

No apps. Just AR!

Drive new sales with 3D & AR visualisation for the web
with Augmented Reality widget on your website!