3D configurators
for smooth sale of custom products

Leverage your sales by giving customers free, attractive and
easy to use product configurators!

Personalise. Preview. Buy. All in one place!

Selling online, what do you show your client? Products or pictures?
How are your clients able to make a responsible buying decision basing only on your photoshoot?

Simple integration with any

The configurator will be put inside your Ar-range widget. You don’t need to modify your estore in any way

Augmented Reality as a

As soon as your customers picks the perfect configuration, the product is instantly viewable in Augmented Reality. No external apps needed

Optimal shopping

Thanks to advanced customisation options, purchasing process is more engaging, increases store visits and reduces product return rate. It’s a sheer pleasure!.

Personalise in
augmented reality!

Each Ar-range 3d configurator allows your clients to preview your products in augmented reality, straight on their smartphone, without any external apps.

This is the best way of presenting your products to the customers!

Easy integration.
No apps!

Ar-range 3d configurators are delivered as a widget you simply paste on your website. It then detects what kind of product the user is viewing, giving apropriate personalisation features!

The implementation takes 10 minutes, even without tech experience!


Ar-range has demonstrated a high level of efficiency (...) by always
delivering a final clean product which offers high functionality and stability (...). All this
while providing timely responses and communication at a reasonable price.

Bobby Bala, Elite HTS

Bobby Bala, Elite HTS

Make your product 5x more valuable

Did you know that people tend to value products built created by themselves 5x more that then would value the same
products, created by someone else? It’s called the ‘IKEA effect’. So go ahead and let your clients customise your product. This
way they will not be paying for your products, but for their own creation