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Design and Implementation of an Online Store for Demolition Equipment for DHB Polska

Design and Implementation of an Online Store for Demolition Equipment for DHB Polska

DHB Polska, a leading producer of demolition equipment in the Polish market, has decided to launch its own e-commerce platform. The company offers a wide range of demolition tools, from heavy hydraulic hammers and demolition shears to adapter plates and seal kits. Previously, sales were conducted through the sales team and selected dealers in Poland. The aim of the e-store was to increase direct sales, reach new customers, and ease the burden on the sales team.


Needs Analysis

The AR-range team began by examining customer needs, which were verified through consultations with existing partners. A key aspect was the availability and customization of products to meet the specific needs of the demolition equipment that companies possess.

Platform Selection

After thorough analysis, it was decided to use the WordPress platform with the WooCommerce plugin as the most suitable tool for creating the new online store.

UX/UI Design Work

The UX/UI design work considered the responsiveness of the pages and industry-specific requirements. The site was designed with ease of navigation and intuitive use in mind.


Custom Features

One of the key elements of the project was the introduction of a custom feature to match demolition equipment to the customer’s excavators. This allowed customers to easily find products that met their individual needs and technical specifications. Additionally, a custom Aftermarket functionality was created, enabling customers to easily find spare parts and accessories for already purchased products.

Adapter Plate Matching Form

A custom adapter plate matching form was created to guide the user step by step through providing the necessary dimensions to create a custom order plate.

Dedicated Dealer Account System

AR-range developed a dedicated account system in the online store for DHB dealers, offering them exclusive discounts and simplifying their management.

SEO Optimization

The site incorporates good RWD practices and basic SEO features, such as speed optimization, engaging user experience, and optimization of meta titles and meta descriptions.


  • Increased sales efficiency thanks to the ability to precisely match products to customer needs.

  • Faster and more effective purchasing process through improved product matching to customer needs.

  • Sales automation, allowing DHB Polska to sell more products without additional burden on the sales team, which can focus on further customer and business development.

  • Enhanced trust and reputation of the DHB Polska brand as a leader in the demolition equipment industry.


Through detailed planning and creative solutions, the AR-range team created a store that brings real benefits to both DHB Polska and its customers. The implementation of the e-commerce platform for DHB Polska is another successful project by AR-range, realized using WordPress/WooCommerce.


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