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3D configurator for the sale of a personalized energy storage bicycle

Tukas EV UAB is a team of enthusiasts working on devices using renewable energy since 2010. Tukas' first project was the Lithuanian version of the Jonelis electric car. The new project - HR Bank, was created to meet people's personal needs for energy independence. HR Bank is a mobile energy storage device with many surprising functionalities. From physical exercise on a stationary bike to entertainment or work, all combined with the production and storage of green energy.

HR Bank stores electricity from various sources and allows you to independently power devices anywhere in your home, office or campsite. The unique functionalities of HR Bank are complemented by a refined design with the possibility of complete personalization of the product in terms of the colors, materials and accessories used.

Automating the sales process for a customized product featuring a 3D configurator

Sales based on product customization according to individual customer choices required an interactive online tool that would enable users to personalize the product in real time.

The AR-range team was tasked with creating a 3D configurator enabling users to make a purchase after experimenting with various product variants while dynamically visualizing in 3D and downloading prices from the online store. 

The HR Bank configurator was to allow for easy addition and exclusion of materials and colors, depending on availability and popularity. The web application with all additional functionalities was to be integrated with the store built on PrestaShop.

Easy-to-use product configurator for users and sellers

  • Together with the client, the AR-range team created a configurator concept in which the database of variants modified in PrestaShop will be reflected in the configurator. The solution was based on the implementation of categories in PrestaShop defining the configurable element, e.g. frame, and assigning subcategories to them, e.g. wood, leather, paint, etc. Each subcategory has an individual texture, and their colors are added freely by entering the HEX code.

  • Sketchfab API was used for smooth and qualitative online visualization of the configured product in 3D, thanks to which the configurator shows products in 3D and allows, among others, for interactive customization of textures, colors and components. 

  • At the same time, the AR-range team dealt with UI coding, logic implementation and integration with PrestaShop enabling, among others, loading of materials, products and prices as well as the functionality of adding to the cart.

  • As a cherry on the cake, a functionality was implemented that gives users a unique shopping experience - displaying a configured 3D product in Augmented Reality (web-AR). Virtually trying on the product in the customer's target space is intended to increase customer confidence in the purchase and minimize the number of returns. 

  • The original AR-range Augmented Reality script dynamically generates GLB or USDZ files in the configuration set by the user in Sketchfab. Customers using the tool via phone or tablet can view the 3D model in their chosen option in their home or office. People using a computer receive a QR code to scan with a smartphone

  • The configurator is also equipped with: 

    • functionality of generating and adding to the cart a screenshot with a visualization of the final product. 

    • ability to easily change the default configuration setting.


  • 3D visualization made with attention to detail and a unique personalization process ensures users can build and purchase a product tailored to their individual needs. The HR Bank configurator is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for automating the sales process of a custom product. It facilitates the operation and management of available materials.

  • The intuitive purchasing process allows you to show all product variants and possibilities and guarantees customer satisfaction with the purchasing process. Customers can easily browse product options and prices and try on the product in augmented reality (AR) to then seamlessly add it to the cart and order.

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