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(how to sell a sofa with just a smartphone)

Imagine you want to reduce your production costs. So you decide to standardize the production a little. You switch to modular furniture. This way, with just a few products, you have an unlimited number of combinations on offer. It seems to you that all the problems with production, storage and personalization are over.

Then you realize that you have no way of showing the client his future piece of furniture.

Never mind - you are doing a photo session. You order to photograph several variants of your sofa, but you know the downside of this solution. Taking the photo does not reflect even 1% of the possibilities offered by the modules.

You just got back to square one. Your client sees the photo and then calls you asking: "I have as much and as much space, what would you advise me?" It wasn't that, was it?

Why is it like that?

We have witnessed the emergence of many evil, even discouraging tools for selling modular furniture online. Seeing the potential at AR-Range, we decided to use our experience in 3D and design the perfect configurator for modular furniture.
We understood that with such complex products as modular furniture, the key is the simplicity of configuration. That is why we decided to make a seemingly crazy move. Contrary to all current trends, we have given up on 3D graphics.

At the same time, the owners of one of the largest companies producing sofas in Poland planned to reduce production costs by introducing modular products.
This does not mean, however, that they were saving on new products. They chose the best Italian fabrics. The style and quality of workmanship were delightful. Plus, customers have had an unlimited number of combinations thanks to just five different modules. It had to work.
And yet the sale of modular sofas has stalled.


The method of sale turned out to be the reason. In the online store, each module was a separate product - i.e. a separate tab. The client, wanting to design his configuration, had to check the dimensions of all modules in separate tabs and draw the sofa layout on a piece of paper. Even if it happened, the client also had to have a good spatial imagination to determine what it would look like in his home.


We were faced with the task of turning this process into one tool, simple enough for everyone to use it. The modular configurator, where we place a sofa on an isometric board from ready-made bricks, turned out to be a bull's eye.
The user not only has access to all modules in one place, not only can he immediately see the furniture he has arranged, but also have a current price overview. And after choosing the right fabric and color, all you need to do is add the whole set to the basket with one click.
So we made the whole process so simple and friendly that most customers will go through it themselves. The configurator is also a tool for sales staff and stationary stores. Thanks to this tool, the time of creating an offer for a customer has been reduced three times.
And we did all this, despite the fact that ScandicSofa uses the SaaS platform - where the possibilities of interfering with the store structure are very limited.


As the first in Europe, we have developed a simple, unconventional solution for furniture brands to sell modular products. Not that we were the first to figure out how to do it properly - the British branch of Ikea was ahead of us. But before us, no one has presented modular, isometric configurators as an affordable service at a relatively low price.

In addition, our product can be implemented on any online store platform (including SaaS)

The isometric configurator is gaining popularity, and our AR-Range team is working on implementing online augmented reality for it.

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